The Cabbage Soup Diet is a fashion diet that has been used for decades now. Usually called the "Military Cabbage Diet" and "Sacred Heart Diet", this diet's real source has yet to be discovered. No one has confirmed where this diet came and if it's created for any group of individuals in particular but the truth that this diet still exists after so many years has greatly displayed its possible applicability.

This diet has a detox effect on the person who is dieting as the diet is the same as fasting. But, because of the risky low levels of carbohydrates and protein in the soup, this diet is not suggested for everybody. Some people who tried this diet in the past finds it very useful and they lost 5 to 8 pounds in just 1 week. They stated that they hopelessly needed to look for a diet that can aid her in losing weight. Although the diet is useful, it is not simple and the dieter must be careful of the insinuations before undergoing on the diet.

1. It Limits Your Food Consumption to Cabbage
You do not essentially have to adore cabbage but you should have at least open-mindedness for these leafy veggies. It can be bland and the diet usually asks for some ingredients like celery stalk and crushed tomatoes. On other days, other vegetables and fruits are placed and the diet is pushed to eat as much vegetables and fruits available. Some people try to put additional spices to have it more edible, this soup can be very tasteless and boring.

2. It Can Root Other Symptoms in this Diet
The diet can root headaches and irritability. Some individuals show lack of focus usually because of hunger. Usually, the dieter believes nothing but of consuming and since this soup is almost liquid, it can't fill you up. The diet suggests eating as much cabbage soup as you can mostly if you are starving but the repetitiveness of the diet can be tiring.

3. The Side effects
This Soup Diet, being a fashion diet can direct to a recover of weight. This diet can depart the dieter sensing very depressed and she or he has the inclination to consume more in the subsequent weeks. This will lead to a yo-yo diet, with the individual regularly routing to the diet when the requirement arises.

4. Realistic Weight Loss
The person who is having a diet has to be practical about the count of weight that is removed. Even though there is a large amount of weight removed, it will likely be lean muscle tissue and water weight. There is no visible removal of fat and the dieter will likely recover the weight back if she or he does not place a work out regime to the plan.

5. Diet is Not for Everyone
This Soup Diet is not perfect for everybody. There are other people who could take the diet and just follow through, but there are people who also need constant confirmation that the diet is valuable.